Tuesday, January 24, 2006

OK, so this is a cool stuff. I dont have to log in to blogger. Well, one of my former manager in Kodak, the place I got my internship, got a new company, called SpotRunner. You can check it out in www.spotrunner.com and you'll see a great business model. I love the idea of a new way to get in touch with TV. Ads with affordable price, it's good for small business. I wish MarkplusnCo will know this site and can suggest the similar business model, with of course some adjustment to implement in Indonesia, that would be awesome. To note that Indonesia has a great potential of small business, but unfortunately, what small stays small. If we can somehow apply this brilliant idea in Indonesia business atmosphere, I believe we will see more creative ads on TV. Creative and also funny, ads and entertainment at the same time. It's not just a wish list, it's a cool business model, and also profitable in the long run!  Posted by Picasa

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