Tuesday, February 03, 2004


yup. I am at school, meet Karl, friends, teachers... I realize that I miss that thing. I miss the coffee smell and the wind... I know that everything has a smell, and now I know the smell of this country. It's fresh, coffee, students, parfume, and everything together.. yes, I miss that thing.

I got lot things to do at home, thanks to my parents for buying me a laptop, so that I can do that works at home.

now, I am waiting for the last lesson for today. it's pretty late, though.

I met Mindring..hehe...fun!!yes, guys.. I am back.. to the reality and I am ready to fight !
prepare my brain and my heart.. ready to fight to get my future!

for all people who shout on my box, I am so sorry if I haven't got time to visit you back. I am adjusting the schedule and I am trying to get an internet connection at home, so pray for me, guys...

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