Friday, November 14, 2003

you ARe not There

well, you are not there, not in front of your PC . Was hoping to see you in this cyber world, but hey.. we got something else to do, right?

yeah, i am kind of miss you here.. I dunno if i can meet you again this weekend. I am staying in my place tomorrow.. and there is no connection between me and this cyber world..

well, if you read this, I hope you do.. let me say.. this world, is kind a empty without you.
well, I really have to move on now, i have something REAL to do.. hehee...

you know what, yesterday, when I said something bout us, I mean it.. yes, it's not that kind a relationship, not that soon. but hey! i am comfortable if we are sitting in front of PC's, even though we are separated by ocean!

anyway, i haven't got time to know you better, and so do you. It is just a fast-coming feeling because in the last few days we met a lot.. and we share a lot..

thanks for the short message you sent to me this morning..

you take care out there.. I am sure you're gonna read this! one more thing, if you read this, please let me know.. (sorry for being too egoist, hehe)

P.S. have a nice weekend to you all !!!!

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