Friday, November 14, 2003


yesterday, in my friend's place there stood a TV outside somebody's room. We were really curious about that THiNG there. IT is nice when you a FREE Television, right? so, we just wait there, hoping nobody's gonna take that TV away...

so, the morning after that, we (me and mita) try to picked up that thing (it was a 21 inch TV).. hehehe.. we were naughty, I know. but anyway, so, we stood there, and there was a piece of paper on the TV..

it was in dutch, which means that it is a broken TV, please remove it otherwise Iwe are gonna throw it away on the 17th of november.. to be short ..this TV is OUT OF DATE!, happily, me and mita took that chance and brought that TV into her room..

we tried to turn it on, it worked!!! but hey, where is the cable?,we took the TV cable from GINA's room.. and then.. wuehehhe.. that thing just keep quiet as a hell ! hueheheheh...

so.. no TV... hiks hiks...maybe we have to buy a new one.. instead of "stealing" ..huehehheheee

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