Wednesday, November 05, 2003

thank you all

Eventually I finished repairing my bike.. which was actually took only an hour.. Gina helped me..

Many things happen is such a short time. talked to mita, about how boring it is to have nothing to do.. i read my language bank from Karl..hehe..

try to play keyboard, but it is just difficult.. I prefer guitar to keyboard..

you know, after I told her that I just blogged today, mita wanted to start her own web as well.. hehe.. i really think that hers will be much much better than mine.. me and my little knowledge..
but then she told me that I am talented. in telling stories.. hehe.. just like 2 days ago...

anyway, i like making pudding ! i made one today ! and it was good.. delicious.. hehe..

life is so short.. and tomorrow i will have an interview in a supermarkt.. wish me luck !

it is ramadhan.. still..

home sweet home...

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thank you all
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