Saturday, November 08, 2003

stUDy Or leArN???

tHINGS Come it STUDY or LearN? what actually the different between those Words?
well, based ON The Oxford DicTionary,

study MeanS -->deVotiOn of Time and thought of getting KNowledGE.
Learn Means -->gain KnowLedge of Or SkiLL in

of couRse I just Take The First Meaning. but Hey, ! it is time to use your brain ! what's the meaning???

well, it means that whatever you Learn, it is stuDying.. Study Doesn't mean that you have to sit and then really concentrate in what's in front of you.. but it is the thing, which sometimes you don't understand, and then you focus on it !

LeaRning from SomeBody's mistake, it's a good thing! but learning from the correct thing, is also GOOD ! you don't have enough time in this world to learn only from other's mistake!

It is a judgement .. Hope you KNow it.. What Is Written dowN here is just a thought of a HUman, with its mistake.

You Don't have to be the One YOu SHOULD be, but be The one YOu want to be ! ever heard of NAS? I know I can, be what I wanna be.. If I work hard in it.. I'll be what I wanna be !!!!

It is NIce TO Write Down What YOu feel..hope That someOne Out there has the Same Feeling with yOU... share the same Things.. Life is so short to be wasted...

Study or Learn? ? ? NOw you Know The Answer!

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stUDy Or leArN???
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