Tuesday, November 11, 2003

SOME place to GO

Dear AL,

YOu know That we LOve yOU so much... We know That YOU are ALWAYS there for us..YOu KNow That We Are HUman.. WE know That we have THings to do.. We know That we have responsibility.. WE know That we Just here.. for such a short moment.. WE know THat everything's fake.. we know That YOU are the greatest.. WE kNow That Nothing's compare To YOu..

YOu KNOW that we all need some places to go...we know tHat sometimes we are BOREd.. we know that everyting has an end.. we know that sometimes YOU are the only place to go when we need you...

We know that the hardest thing in this life is COmpare YOu with all visible things.. ..YOU know that we LOVE you so much..

YOu know that we are such a coward.. we know that we are just a dust in the wind.. we know that without you, we are nothing.. we know that without YOu we are weak, powerless....

YOu know that We know all those things..

is this the right place to go?? or should we go to YOU????

we are lost.. here...

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