Sunday, November 16, 2003

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yes, many things change.. even in only 2 days time..
yes..there always an answer for our question..even that seems silly at first..

well, well, well, it is not your fault if you want to make any changing.. it's not your fault if you made's just a process..which I called "A developing process".
sometimes we DO need some changing, made mistake.. to find out what's right.. but sometimes.. you JUST do what you have to do without you think about the reason why...
sometimes it's just a matter of take it or leave it.. and sometimes this matter could lead you to a conclusion that something has been made by GOD because HE knows WHat's THe BEST for us.. you know, that kind of things..

and really, sometimes you just have to do asking.. no curiousity why.. because the answer is clear.. HE knows what's GOOD for us...

as a human, I do ask why we have to do certain things.. you know, like praying and doing certain rituals in a religion... but after I found my answer, I feel ashamed.. not to you, hehe...but to HIM... the AL (ok, so now you'll now who I mean by AL.. already 2 people who guess it right!congratz!!!) .anyway, so after finding out the answer.. I feel ashamed.. and really, it is not because everybode's doing what I am doing, but more about the personal relationship between you and AL (hablum minnallah)..

REligion teach you to be social.. NOT to be EGOIST ! All things you do HAVE impact to anybody else, not only to you!
e.g. you use drugs, and you think that taking drugs is your business only. but hey! have you realize what your parents might say if they found out what you are doing? how you can expressly break their hearts????
yes, I just realize that kind of things.. that religion is not only you; doing praying to GOD (or whatsoever you might call HIM) or doing rituals. religion is a way of life; a life guide;a way to learn how things go in your relationship with another human being, with nature, with GOD;a way that lead you to a better life.. (if you consistent practicing and learning it, of course).

there is an essence in doing and practicing them.. if we think about it in more and more depth... you can look at anything about the HOLy Al-Quran...or this site about ISLAM or this INdonesian site of ITB

something to remind myself and you, that life is just short.. a place to do all good things.. before in the end, we'll meet our Beloved AL..amiin...

p.s.thanks to AL for the way YOU gave me,MOM, friends in Diemen( for giving me a nice Saturday evening), Pak Haji (for Saturday as well), friends who still care bout me (wherever, whoever, even though we'd never met before :D)..
I love you all...

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