Friday, November 07, 2003


PromIsE... eaSy To Say, but then It'S difficult to be Done.

One tHIng to learn for today --> nevEr MAke a ProMise UNLESS yoU really CAn Do it! It is not just about your image. but then IT's BOut YOurselF. .. how you can mAnaGe ThosE things You said... If You aLReady Promise, YOU HAVE to do that, then DO that!

I knOw it is hard sometImes. You Have tO Fight YOuR eGo...
you know Something? To learn day in day out ( Thanks for MITA for giving me the bookMark!:D).. it is not just a KliCK ! it is a process..
and LIfe Is a CONTINUOUS learNIng Process.

Well, Gtg NOw... have To BreAk My Fast ...

Happy RAmaDhan to yOU all wHo's DoiNG it!

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