Saturday, November 08, 2003

Maybe IT is TIme to...

maYbe IT is time to sit back and relax
--> try to go somewhere else. but then hit the walls?
you'd better step back before you react!

maybe It is time for you to cool down.. maybe it is the day when you have to be yourself, not to be somebody eLse..

MayBe it is Time to Listen.. and Keep YOUR mouth shut!

mayBe it is time to Look baCk without the anger..

Maybe it is TIme to release all The pain...

Maybe it is time to take a break....

have a nice saturday nite....

sorry for the inconvenience... this is the result of lack of knowLedge...

YOu all Take CARe Out There!!!!!!

with love,

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Maybe IT is TIme to...
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