Wednesday, November 05, 2003


listening to indonesian music.. read mails from friends.. this mail makes me realize and think that a heart of human can't be forced to like someone we don't like.. heart and feeling is something mysteriuos.. an enigma.. from GOD.. The ALmighty..

If someone says that he likes you more than friend, do you really have to trust him ?

i don't know.. I am just trying to be more realistics with my feeling. I don't want to be hurt for , I dont know how many times.. It is just enough.. but maybe, there is a time in my life, that I would change my mind.. maybe try to like him as well.. try to like him.. but yeah.. not this time of my life.. not now..

Anyway, talk about movies.. my great passion... making movie is not something easy, I know.but deep in my heart, still, I have that passion... popo, who really interested in it, makes my world more colorful.. thanks po !

MIta and I watched Gilmore Girls.. A good tv serial.. it is about a girl, named ROrY, with her mother, called Lorelai... how they survive in this life. Live in a small town. it was also about love. that really, love is something mysterious.. it is not predictable..

you know, it makes me thing about zen. maybe he is not the one. maybe there is someone outhere for me and for him.. yeah, who knows?

heems, thanks for yesterday... it was great! all the foods. hey, I can make a good pudding, can't I ?

Thanks for loving me, thanks for all my chances in this life.. a day in my life.. thank you for everything.

GOD, thank you for all the happiness I've got.. for all my sorrows that make me stronger...

mom, i miss you so much.. I am counting down... a month to go...

good nite...

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