Saturday, November 08, 2003


Hey MOm! how are YOu DoiNG? everything's GOOD ? how's dad? is he okay? hey, I miss HOme ! I miss YOu !

What? i can't hear YOu ! I think the telephone line is Broken! hey, I'll call You aGain TomOrrow...

--->hey, I think You LOve Writing ! Why don't you have Your Own Blog and start to WriTe?

Na.. I don't have time FOr That!
well, Up To You then

------> Wake UP! You have to Eat and Pray!
Na.. I am too LazY to open My eyes...

..............>>>>see what's happen?
yeah, my mistake,..I won't do that again.. sorry mom...

you know SometHINg? they LOVE you...

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