Tuesday, November 25, 2003

a letter

For everyone who celebrate it,

Every moslem country, we believe, celebrate this day. Even in Afganisthan, they still celebrate this day. This is one of the big days in Islam religion. This is a big day as well for us.
yes, it is more or less like Xmas for Christian. We, marketers, see this a very opportunistic moment.

We, sell things before that big day. We offer you a huge discount at the end of the year, and this year everything will be nicer if you buy something new for your family and relatives. Yes, it is part of the tradition in several countries (e.g. buy new clothes to celebrate that day), but we believe that today is a great moment to show to people you adore and love that you love them. Buy them a nice little present is a good way to show that you love them.

It would be nice if you buy cookies, nice clothes, all new things.. this is a celebration day! This is a big day after you have doing fasting for a month. It is time to enjoy life and joy !

So, buy new things, buy cookies, don't waste your time by buying nothing. It is maybe the best day to show that you care about your children. Buy them nice clothes, give them more pocket money that usually... Give them anything they want it to have.

This is a letter from us, marketers, for you. With one main point, celebrate and consume.



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