Monday, November 10, 2003

indonesian HERO's DAY!!!!

hey , are you a hero???
yes, we, indonesian celebrate that thing ! to remind ourselves how they die for us.. for the independece of our beloved INdonesia...

but then, nowadays.. do you see aNY heroes around??? well,
remember Mariah Carey?? or maybe her song? Then the hero comes along, with the strength to carry on.. look INside YOU and BE strOng! and you finally see the truth , that the HerO lives in YOU!!!!

being a hero is not always fun, you know.. remember all the hero's story from old century? they DIE.. but why they want to do that? sacrificing himself to something, which maybe is not That Valuable???

you know, because THEY KNow WHat They ARe Doing, and they have their OWN GOALS!!! that's why. and that's make the difference between a hero and a loser!alo !!

now back to you...which one do you choose ? come on, be honest !
get ready to fight then... coz the hero comes along!!!

this is our hero!

--> ourselves!!!! Be HAPPY !!!

finally, as an Indonesian, let me say.. SELAmAT Hari PaHLawan!!!!

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indonesian HERO's DAY!!!!
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