Wednesday, November 05, 2003

good morning to y'all

What friends mean to you ? they are not just the one who always there, they are not the one who make us smile when we feel blue..but they are everything. they support you when you are down.. they love you...

autumn leaves. Autumn leaves are really beautiful, exotic, nice, gift from GOD.. although sometimes the weather is not friendly, but it is there.. and we have to enjoy it..

always remind your friends and family, anybody you love, to love and enjoy the day... wake up and smell the coffie... coz at the end, we are the one who choose the day we want to get through.. it is not the mood. it is us, our feeling and our brain..

good mornin to you all..enjoy the moment ..every moment....

one left, love is not about having someone always beside you, it is having someone who cares about you, who loves you, whom you love and care about.. it is universal.. it is not just a man-woman love.. it could be a friend love, a family love.

to be creative and have a hobby is nice... you have to have something that you busy release for a sec and take a deep breath, to do more after the break..

anyway, good morning to you all.. again... and have a nice day...

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good morning to y'all
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