Monday, November 10, 2003

FooD ...YUMMY...

Yes, food is needed....some of us eat rice, some of us eat corn.. maybe just other things, such as gas.. you know plants..
in any place in this world, there is always a Place called REstaUrant..

but HEy!!! wait a minute!
do you realize that there is a place in yourself, which need FOOD as well?
do you know that you are not a walking body. you have the soul..body and soul? get the connection here?

yes, what I am talking about is the FOOD for our soul.. it is not just food that we eat each and every day which is important.. if you don't give this soul the FOOD as well, it will suffer, make you SUFFER as well!

take a look inside of you.. are you FAIR enough to yourself? do you give that SOUL the food IT needs???

well, if you be honest and think that you haven't give the proper food , you'd better start noW!!!

come on , guys... everybody likes food... you, me, he, she.. anybody! any thing alive!
so, forget a minute about your soul? well, you shouldn't do that, folk !

get ready to look for the proper FOOD for This SOUL...

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FooD ...YUMMY...
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