Saturday, November 22, 2003

brainstorming, write, and....edit!!!

Many people enjoy writing so much. ..Many people enjoy writing mails and diary. On the other hand, maybe you are one of people who hate writing, maybe you are just like me!!

If you are one of them,cheers! you are not alone! I dislike writing. I think that writing is not fun activity at all. It is not like talking to friends, phoning... Writing means effort to me. It's a long process. I have to do brainstorming and then do some effort to write it down on a piece of paper and then edit it, before really get the final result. Writing used to be a horror for me.

Till I was in the highschool, I still hated writing. Well, yeah, I write diary almost every day..but hey! that is different. You don't edit your writing result. You do NothiNG about them. You leave them Like The way they are..

My teacher suggested that I joined a writing contest. Well, I thought it was a bad idea at all. so, I tried. It took me a long time, about a month I suppose, to see the final result of that contest. Yes, I didn't win it, but again, it really makes me think that inspite of nice writing process, I have to learn to enjoy the editing process.

Then I am here, in this school. I have an English teacher who gives more attention on writing as well as editing process. He said that one of the most important process on producing a beautiful piece of article or whatever it is, is editing process. We have to spend one third of the total time to edit it.

I got a bad result few days ago in my writing report task. This makes me re-thinking of what he was saying to us. I realize that I am wrong. I admit that before producing a beautiful piece of article, every author has to edit it.

One of things that always impress me is the effort from every author when it comes to the part of editing. it is always impress me how Agatha Christie wrote so many books.. (I think she has her own editor..hehe)

Editing process is what makes the author need more time, inspite of brainstorming idea and the writing the whole story(or book) .. they need time to EDIT it.. and at the end, we read the result of their hard work...

so guys.. edit !!!!

--> thanks for the inspiration, time and attention ...

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brainstorming, write, and....edit!!!
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